Isobel Cliff


My work has always been about Creation, Evolution, Origins and the vital relationships existing, but often forgotten, between all living things.

Since working on microscopes at the Biomedical Imaging Unit at Southampton General Hospital I have completed two bodies of work.

The first involved using micrograph images combined with natural images from trees and creatures which depend on them for the basis of a"TREE OF LIFE/LIFE OF TREES" series. These images are made in the print making mediums of Etching and Collagraph.

This was followed by a series of quite large paintings in Acrylic (3'x3' and 2'x2') called "LANDSCAPES OF BREATH" using the same source material.

This series concentrates on our total dependence upon trees (and plants) for Oxygen to breath and their need for Carbon Dioxide for food, and dwells upon this almost spiritual Symbiotic Relationship.

Over the last few years I have made several visits the Australian Rain Forest which have resulted in a series of paintings focused on these regions.