Don Richards


Most of my work both sculptural and two dimensional has been based for some years on the study of the human figure in isolation and in different group contexts.


The figure sculptures are constructed in card and newsprint using paste and glue to bind the forms. In some I have left the newsprint as the surface texture, in others plain paper or coloured tissue forms the surface. There is no armature. The only portrait shown is of a dog, the human figures being created from within myself and constantly adjusted until the pose seems to work. One of these has been cast in bronze. I have recently taken up stone carving for the first time since my student days.


The figure paintings draw upon my long experience as a jazz musician but I also use my own sculptures as a starting point. The one line drawing was exhibited in the 2012 Titanic exhibition in Southampton. I am currently developing more similar fibre tipped pen drawings based on my sketchbooks and some imaginative additions.