Jackie has exhibited regularly with 2d3d South Contemporary Art for the past 20 years, showing at The Mall galleries in 2005 and in 2014, taking part in the exhibition , “Waiting in the Wings of War”, which related to the run up to WW1.

Untitled 5, by Jackie Green

Jackie’s work for this exhibition was influenced by a poem by Ted Hughes ,( Crow) combined with collaged images of Suffragettes and linked texts.

In recent year, Jackie has shown regularly at Rums Eg, Romsey. Most recently in 2017 , participating in “ Life’s Rich Tapestry “, where in response to the brief she produced two mixed media paintings with Japanese references.

Untitled 6, by Jackie Green

Untitled 7, by Jackie Green

For many years , Jackie was also a member of painting groups...Group 94 at Ringwood and New Road Artists , Timsbury. She feels she has benefited from the support of other artists , and the critiques and expertise of visiting professional artists helped consolidate her artistic practice. She now belongs to a group of five like minded artists who meet regularly , visit exhibitions and share art related information.

Jackie always works in acrylic (“ I am too impatient to work in oils”). Her work is characterised by a distinctive colour palette. She says she could not live without white or caerulean blue. She uses unusual methods of applying paint or mark making, sometimes using a feather to produce a thin line or tonking with textured material.

A further strong characteristic is also a delight in experimenting with surfaces, painting methods, scale and textures. She enjoys creating”wall paintings”, where different mixed media , paint and collage are gradually added , sometimes for only a few minutes at a time , to build up a multi layered abstract mage.

Running through all of the work over the years is a fascination with Cornwall and Cornish artists, Ben Nicholson, William Scott, Patrick Heron to present day practitioners. In connection with many of the emphases in their work , her compositions are always suggestive of table tops, combined with pots and fragments of plant life.

Jackie states that her work contains images which are “ lost and found”, which she explains is to look at her work it is possible to interpret suggestions of objects which are partly but not necessarily perceived.

Untitled 8, by Jackie Green